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Company Profile

Plot Feeds Ltd is a small family company run by Robin and Clare Mumby and with Roy Edwards handling on site operations.

Robin Mumby worked for Nickerson Limagrain UK for 20 years managing, designing and maintaining their trials and seed handling process equipment. He has been working for himself for 12 years now providing second hand grain handling equipment throughout the country and also exporting whole seed plants to Africa.

Company History

In 1999 Plot Feeds was formed when after 20 years working for Nickerson Seeds, Robin left to develop further some fledgling companies he had been working on.

The yard at Cottager's Plot, Laceby, after which the company is named was part of R Mumby Produce trading as a market garden. This venture was wound up and two new ventures were started on the site. Plot Feeds became an agent for A.F. (Associated Farmers) for sales of bagged animal feed and supplemented this with sales of used seed and grain handling equipment. After 4 years of indifferent trading it was obvious the bagged animal feed side of the business was not viable and it was gradually run down until in 2008 with the exception of an own brand game food "Plot Professional Game Feed", animal feed sales were dropped.

However, the seed and grain handling machinery side of the business was very successful and has grown year on year trading as Plot Feeds and Seed and Cereal Engineering.*

In 2004 Plot Feeds started its onsite dismantling and erection service headed by Roy Edwards. Roy has over 25 years' experience in steel erection, fabrication, haulage, machinery transport and site supervision.

In June 2008 after many years of working with Ron Coleman of Tovey Engineering, upon his retirement Plot Feeds Ltd took over the UK Agency for Oliver Gravity tables and Destoners.

This takeover lead directly to Plot Feeds entering the recycling machinery market selling separating machines that had a cross over from grain cleaning. Because of this dual market penetration in late 2010 Plot Feeds negotiated the UK and Irish Agency for the recently patented CAD Fractionating Aspirators from the Ukraine.

CADs have many unique and novel cleaning advantages and following the poor 2012 harvest sales of CADs have made Plot Feeds into one of the major UK grain cleaner selling companies.

Willem Verbeek of Kongskilde Industries and Robin Mumby of Plot Feeds with their Certificate of Merit for Innovation from LAMMA 2107

Seed and Cereal Engineering

This is a division of Plot Feeds involved with the dismantling and installation of solids handling equipment.

*Seed and Cereal Engineering is a trading title within Plot Feeds Ltd.