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About Kongskilde Horizontal Drying System

Each run of 6m lateral will cope with 40.5tonnes at 10ft deep. With laterals on 3m centres. Runs of laterals can be up to 27m, higher back pressure fans must be chosen for runs over 21m.

Last 3m must be plain duct - no perforations - to stop air break out at front of heap.

1 Fan can service up to 4 ducts.

Successful trials undertaken on runs up to 21m.

Fan Chart

Depth of grain Tonnes per run and Fan Sizes
ft m t Model t Model t Model t Model
12 3.6 44 HVL55 93 HVL100 141 HVL250 190 25kw
10 3 40 HVL55 81 HVL100 121 HVL150 162 HVL250
8 2.4 36 HVL30 68 HVL55 100 HVL55 133 HVL150
6 1.8 30 HVL30 54 HVL30 80 HVL55 104 HVL100
Length of run 9m 15m 21m 27m


Brochure - Kongskilde Horizontal Drying System